Avoid These Four Green Building Disasters

Green building and green construction are hot topics today, and for good reason: humans are using up the valuable supplies the earth has provided us with, and continued use of “un-green” traditional materials and energy sources are likely to lead to some environmental problems in the future.


A Smooth Process for Tenant Fit-Outs

If you own property that you are renting or leasing to tenants with special needs, such as in the business industry, you may need to fit-out your property with some special accommodations.


Extreme Makeovers: How Industrial Redesign Opens New Doors

Are you in search of the perfect residential, commercial, or industrial building in the New Jersey area, but find yourself struggling to locate one that meets your needs?


Get An Engineered Metal Building That You Will Never Know is Pre-Fabricated

When most people think of engineered metal buildings, the first thought that comes to mind is the old “big box” buildings that used to be standard in the industry.


Why an ENERGY STAR Certified Building Could Save You Money and Attract Clients

Most people have heard of ENERGY STAR. This certification agency indicates the top performing, energy-efficient devices that can save users money without having to sacrifice performance.


5 Ways Construction Modeling Can Help Your Project

When you think about construction, chances are, you think more about lumber, power tools, and hard hats than you do about computer aided design models.


Six Tips to Find the Best Contractor

Do you have a contracting project just waiting to get started? Do you know what you want, but don’t know who to hire to complete your project? These six tips can help you find the best contractor in New Jersey.


The Top Three Remodels to Add Value to Your Home

Homeowners everywhere are trying to add value to their homes. Whether this is in terms of improving the landscaping, updating old wiring and appliances, or remodeling the space itself, every effort to improve the condition and quality of the home can lead to a higher value.


Will your Tenant Fit-Out be Covered in an Accident?

Tenant fit-outs are a great way for office tenants to turn a boring, basic space into the perfect location to do whatever sorts of work they have planned. These projects can be as simple as tearing down a wall or as complex as rebuilding an entire unit.


Our Clients


Our Testimonials

  • "Having been in the new space almost a year, I find it a very nice practice environment. Dealing with the town and various problems that arise on these projects can be frustrating to say the least. However, TBS was always there with a solution or a reassuring comment until the project was completed and the CO obtained."

    Skyland Smiles
    Dr.  J.  Lohner, DDS, MS, PA
    Sparta NJ
  • "All projects have been completed professionally and in a timely manner. Workmanship has been excellent in all phases. The company has a long history of providing aesthetically as well as functional buildings. We have high expectations for all phases of our project and TBS has always met or exceeded them. Our time tables have always been tight and they have helped us attain them."

    Ruby LLC
    Rutrim LLC
    Milford PA
  • "I was impressed with the quality of the work. Whether new construction or a renovation like mine, they cut no corners. As with any renovation, we came upon several unexpected situations but all were handled promptly. Each month we received all invoices and could see exactly what we were paying for. Scott and Garrett were quick to make recommendations on several things that I, having no construction experience, would not have thought of, giving me a better finished product."

    Mr.  Jim Lain
    Port Jervis NY
  • "Although it was an enormous task to convert my space into a veterinary hospital, I always felt that everyone at TBS had my best interest at heart. I am constantly receiving compliments on the design and beauty of my hospital. Every step of the way, from demolition to equipment installation, all my questions were answered and my concerns addressed. Both my husband and I received frequent updates from Scott. We felt like an integral part of the construction process without the need to constantly check up on the work being done. Even after the job was complete, Scott has been available to answer any questions that may arise. I have recommended TBS without reservation to other veterinary colleagues and friends and would not hesitate to utilize their services on future projects both at home and for my business."

    Family Pet Hospital
    Dr. S. Bliesath, DVM
    Budd Lake, NJ
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